Look What We’ve Found: Gorgeous Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes

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Brown is a neutral color, that goes with different eyeshadows and still attracts lots of attention. But there are still several color shades that’ll make your brown eyes look spectacular! Want to know what are they? The first color is purple. Purple is especially great for brown-eyed girls as it is a contrasting color on the color wheel, so it makes the eyes pop! Keep in mind, that the best purples are blueish tinted ones as it contrasts the warmth of the brown. The second color is blue. Wear royal blue along the lashline to make your gaze mesmerizing and enticing at one time! The third color is yellow. It will perfectly suit you is your eyes are not deep brown, but almost hazel. But it is still very good for dark brown eyes. Wear it with gold jewelry to look classy...

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